Key Features & Benefits

VigorSwitch Q2200x

16 Port 2.5 GbE and 4 Port 10Gbps SFP+ Switch

VigorSwitch Q2200x is a 2.5 Gigabit L2+ Managed switch with 16 2.5GbE ports, and 4 additional independent SFP+ 10Gbps interfaces. Ideal for usage with devices where there are throughput demands beyond 1Gbps such as high speed access points, high bandwidth video or network attached storage.

Supported layer 3 features such as a DHCP Server and, VLAN Routing help with network stability and efficiency. The VigorSwitch Q2200x can be managed in a standalone mode or provisioned and monitored through the VigorACS management platform, or, a DrayTek Vigor router’s Central Switch Management. Easily provision the VLAN configuration through the router and clone switch configurations. Drastically reduce the setup time required for a complex network, with VLANs spanning multiple switches.