XV. VigorACS and VigorConnect


Configuring a Router to connect to VigorACS

Vigor ACS
VigorACS 3

There may be many DrayTek routers, access points or switches deployed in the network you're managing. VigorACS is designed to provide management of these devices through a centralised mechanism. The software provides centralised device management through the standard TR-069 protocol, enabling you to make configuration changes to individual devices or to roll out mass configuration changes to many devices. VigorACS can monitor devices, schedule tasks such as configuration backups or firmware upgrades, and provides reporting capabilities.

For further details on the VigorACS centralised management platform, click here

This article explains the setup required on a DrayTek router to enable it to be managed by ACS SI.

Configuration of Router

1. Connect to the router which requires VigorACS configuration

Using a browser connect to the GUI of the router. By default the routers IP address is If this has been changed, the routers IP address can be determined by opening a command prompt window, and typing "ipconfig", the default gateway will be the routers IP address. Logon to the router using the admin password, by default the username and password is "admin" and "admin"

2. Check to ensure remote management is enabled. This is found in [System Maintenance] > [Management]. Check to ensure the TR-069 option is also ticked.

Click OK to save and apply the changes. The router will prompt to restart which is required for TR-069 management, click OK again to restart the router.

3. Once the router is back online, go to [System Maintenance] > [TR-069]:

ACS Server On Select the interface that the ACS Server is available through
ACS Server URL

Enter the URL in this format (Note - the URL is Case Sensitive!):

https://{IP address / Hostname of VigorACS server}:443/ACSServer/services/ACSServlet

The connection will establish using HTTPS / TLS security; the ":443" is the TCP port number it will be connecting to, with 443 being the standard HTTPS port. Change this port number if your VigorACS server uses a different HTTPS port number.

The "/ACSServer/services/ACSServlet" URL must be included for the router to connect to the VigorACS server.

ACS Server
Username & Password
The Username and Password settings are used to authenticate with the VigorACS server and are configured for each VigorACS Network. The default Root network's default username & password are:
Username: acs
Password: password
CPE Client Enable this setting and select HTTPS
Periodic Inform Enable this setting
STUN Settings
Only enable this setting if the router is not directly available on a public IP address (behind NAT). If it is required, enter the VigorACS server's IP / Hostname as the Server Address.

Click OK to save and apply the setting changes.

The router will then attempt to connect to the VigorACS server and be available for management if the ACS URL and authentication details are accepted by the VigorACS server.

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