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Update VigorAPs configuration by AP Management (APM)

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This article describes how to update the configuration of VigorAP using the Vigor Router's Central AP Management (APM) feature. With APM, you can create a WLAN profile for the wireless settings on the router and push the configuration to multiple VigorAPs at once.

UpdateAPviaAPM Example

There are 2 sections, click the links to jump to section that's relevant for your router:

DrayTek Vigor Router Setup - DrayOS DrayTek Vigor Router setup - Linux
This applies to routers like the Vigor 2862 and Vigor 3910 This applies to the Vigor 2960 and Vigor 3900 routers

DrayTek Router (DrayOS) setup

  1. Connect the VigorAP's LAN port to the router's LAN network via a wired connection.
  2. On the VigorAP, go to [Central AP Management]-[General Setup] and make sure Vigor AP Management and Auto Provision are enabled. (Enable is the default setting)

UpdateAPviaAPM APGeneralSetup

NOTE: On VigorAP 800, the AP Management settings is in [LAN]-[General Setup].

  1. On the router, go to [Central Management]-[AP]-[Status] if the VigorAP is detected. If the device information shown in green indicates that the AP is detected and the router is authorized to configure it.

UpdateAPviaAPM APMStatus

If the device information shown in red with the "Unauthorized" message, this indicates that the AP 's admin password is changed so the router cannot access its management page. Then, click the "Password" button and enter the new admin password.

UpdateAPviaAPM APMStatusWarn

Edit WLAN Profiles

  1. On the router, go to [Central Management]-[AP]-[WLAN Profile] to edit/create a configuration profile for the AP: Select an empty profile, and click Edit.

UpdateAPviaAPM APWLANProfiles

  1. Edit the profile as follows:
    1. Enter Profile Name
    2. Enter Administrator and Password to logging the AP's management page. (both are "admin" by default)
    3. Configure 2.4G WLAN General Settings
    4. Configure 5G WLAN settings
    5. Click Next to go to set up 2.4G WLAN details for each SSID

UpdateAPviaAPM WLANProfilEdit

  1. Edit 2.4G WLAN details for each SSID.

UpdateAPviaAPM 24GDetails

  1. Similarly, set up 5G WLAN detail for each SSID, and click Finish

UpdateAPviaAPM 5GDetails

Push configuration to the VigorAP

  1. On the router, go to [Central Management]-[AP]-[WLAN Profile], select the profile created in the previous steps, and click Apply To Device.

UpdateAPviaAPM APWLANProfilesComplete

  1. Select the VigorAP you want to update the configuration from Existing Device list, and click ">>" to add it to Selected Device list. Then click OK to push the settings to the selected device.

UpdateAPviaAPM SelectedDevice

  1. Go to [Central Management]-[AP]-[Status] to check the device information. We can see that the VigorAP is now using the SSID and security settings in WLAN profile. Click on the IP Address will lead us to AP's management page.

UpdateAPviaAPM APMStatusComplete

From the AP's web management page, we can see that the configuration in the router's WLAN profile has applied to the AP's Wireless LAN settings.

UpdateAPviaAPM APGeneralSetupComplete

DrayTek Router (Linux) setup

Edit WLAN Profile

1. On Vigor3900, go to [Central Management]-[AP Management]-[WLAN Profile], select an available profile then click Edit / Add.


2. Set up the WLAN profile, configure the general settings.

UpdateAPviaAPM WLANProfileConfigLINUX

3. Edit detail settings of each SSID of 2.4G WLAN

UpdateAPviaAPM 24GDetailsLINUX

4. Edit detail settings of each SSID of 5G WLAN.

UpdateAPviaAPM 5GDetailsLINUX

Apply Settings to AP

5. Select the profile you would like to apply to the AP(s), then click Apply To Device.

UpdateAPviaAPM ProfileApplySettingsLINUX

6. Select the AP(s) you would like to send the configuration to, then click Apply.

UpdateAPviaAPM SelectAPLINUX

7. Wait for APM to apply the configuration. After you see the "Profile Apply Success.", your AP(s) should work as the WLAN profile you set.

UpdateAPviaAPM ProfileApplySuccessLINUX

8. Go to [AP Management]-[Status] to check if the status changed as expected.

UpdateAPviaAPM StatusCorrectLINUX

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