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Setting up a DrayTek router with FTTC using the BT Openreach modem

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Fibre Broadband

DrayTek routers with Ethernet WAN interfaces are able to connect to a BT Infinity or other ISPs similar BT FTTC based broadband (Sometimes referred to as Fibre Broadband) service using the BT Openreach modem, which is commonly supplied with current BT FTTC installations. The BT Openreach modem converts the VDSL2 connection used by BT's FTTC service into Ethernet.

Most ISPs currently use PPPoE connections with the FTTC service and this guide will cover the configuration of that on a DrayTek router with an Ethernet WAN interface.

By default, all DrayTek routers will be accessible on the IP address of with a username of  "admin" and a default password of "admin".

From the router's web interface select [WAN] > [General Setup], click the relevant link for the Ethernet WAN interface, this example shows a Vigor 2925 router which will use WAN1 for the connection but ADSL routers such as a Vigor 2830 would use the WAN2 Ethernet WAN interface:

In the [WAN] > [General Setup] > WAN page, make sure the interface is enabled and if it's being used as the main WAN connection then make sure to set the Active Mode to Always On. Tick the Load Balance option if it's present so that the WAN interface can be used for normal internet access:

(Note: On the Vigor 2820, it is necessary to set the Physical Mode setting for the WAN2 interface to Ethernet.)

Click OK to save those changes.

Go to [WAN] - [Internet Access] in the web interface and set the WAN interface to be used with the FTTC connection to PPPoE mode:

Once that is set, click on the Details Page button to configure the PPPoE connection settings:

The Details Page will show the PPPoE configuration settings.

This is where the Username and Password details for the internet connection are entered. There is also a Fixed IP setting, set this to Yes if a static IP address needs to be used and enter that IP address. If no IP address has been allocated select No (Dynamic IP).

Ensure you select "Enable" using the radio button from the top left corner to enable the PPPoE connection type.

Leave the Service Name field blank if that option is present because that should not be set when using this connection type:

Click OK on that page to save the settings and the router will then prompt to restart, allow it to restart to properly apply the changes.

Once the router has restarted, log back into the web interface and select [Online Status] > [Physical connection], if it has connected, the relevant WAN Interface status text will be in green along with an IP address which indicates that the connection is active and ready for use.

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