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Initial Setup of VigorSwitch FX2120

VigorSwitch FX2120
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This guide details the initial out of the box setup process for the VigorSwitch FX2120. This 10GbE switch utilitises 10Gb SFP+ on all of its LAN ports, which means that the switch can be connected to any 10Gb SFP+ device using the included or a compatible DAC, or a suitable SFP+ Fibre transceiver.

The other device must be SFP+ capable for instance the VigorSwitch P2280x or Vigor 3910 router. In this setup guide, a 10Gb capable switch with 1Gb ports is used to allow a PC with 1GbE to communicate with and configure the VigorSwitch FX2120.
Where only 1Gb SFP is available, see this guide for more details on how to initially configure the VigorSwitch FX2120.

Hardware Requirements:

  • DAC-CX10 SFP+ cable (included in box)
  • Router or switch which supports an SFP+ port at 10Gbps and has RJ45 port for your PC.
       e.g., Vigor 3910 or P/G2280x (Any DrayTek switch which supports 10Gb SFP+)
  • PC with RJ-45 network port

Initial Setup Process

  1. Connect the included DAC-CX10 SFP+ Direct Attach Cable to connect to any port of the FX2120.
  2. Connect the other end of the DAC-CX10 cable to an SFP+ port on the other router or switch.
  3. Connect your PC to a RJ45 port on the other device.
  4. Ensure that the link is working by checking the LED adjacent to each port, the LED will glow blue when an SFP+ 10Gb link is established.
  1. Browse to the VigorSwitch FX2120’s IP Address. Out of the box, it will try to receive an IP address via DHCP, so one of the following 3 methods will be needed to find out the FX2120’s IP Address:

From a DrayTek Router

In the DrayTek router’s web interface, go to [Central Management] > [External Devices] and ensure that “External Device Auto Discovery” is enabled.

With auto discovery enabled, the VigorSwitch should now be listed in the External Devices list. Click on the “On Line” link to access the VigorSwitch FX2120.

Locating a VigorSwitch FX2120 on the network by enabling External Devices on a DrayTek router

From a Windows PC

Download and extract the .zip file for the DrayTek Device Finder utility, from the DrayTek UK website under the [Support] > [Downloads and Resources] > [Software …] section.

Ensure that the computer is connected to the same network / VLAN as the VigorSwitch FX2120. Run the utility click the Refresh button to locate it:
DrayTek Device Finder - click Refresh
If the VigorSwitch FX2120 is listed, click the ‘Go’ button to open the web interface of the switch in a web browser.

Device Finder - Allow through Firewall prompt

If the computer has more than one LAN adapter, select the adapter from the list and click Refresh again.

Initially, the Windows Firewall will prompt on whether to allow the Device Finder software through the firewall, select both Public and Private then click “Allow Access”.

This only needs to be done once on each PC. IF the Firewall prompt stopped the Device Finder from discovering anything, click on the Refresh icon in the Device Finder after the Firewall allowance has been made.

fx2120 devicefinder

The Device Finder should then show all DrayTek devices on the local network, if there are lots of devices found then the MAC address identifies each device uniquely, which can be found listed on the box or on the underside of the switch.

Once the VigorSwitch FX2120 is detected by the Device Finder utility, click on the "Go" button to open the switch's web interface in a web browser. 

Networks without DHCP

The default IP address of the VigorSwitch FX2120, which will be used where an IP address is not supplied via DHCP, is with a subnet mask of

Configure the IP address of the computer to be within the same subnet. For a full demonstration of how to configure an IP address manually, see this guide: https://www.draytek.co.uk/support/guides/kb-windows-fixedip

Logging in to the VigorSwitch FX2120

fx2120 setup 3

Once the VigorSwitch is located on the network, open the VigorSwitch FX2120’s web interface in a web browser.

Log in with the default username of “admin” and a default password of “admin”, which is case sensitive.

The switch will then display the Dashboard and can now be configured for use:

fx2120 setup 4


From: Scott vanbeck