VI. Feature Setup


Configuring a DrayTek Router to work with IPTV, SkyQ & YouView

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IGMP Configuration

To configure IGMP settings on a DrayTek Vigor router, go to [Applications] > [IGMP] in the router's web interface. The function of each option is covered below.

In most configurations, only this setting change will be needed to allow IPTV to operate. Enable IGMP Proxy and select the WAN interface that the IPTV service is available through, then click OK to apply the setting change.

Once this has taken effect, IPTV services should work in a similar manner to an ISP supplied router.

Additional Settings

IGMP Proxy

The IGMP Proxy option relays IGMP packets from the LAN to the specified Internet connection and vice versa. It must be set to the WAN interface that the IPTV service is available through, to operate.

IGMP Snooping

The IGMP Snooping option controls how IGMP packets received from the Internet are sent to the LAN side of the network. This could be useful on larger networks or networks with a large quanitity of IGMP packets that could limit normal LAN throughput. This option would not typically need to be enabled on a home network.

Enabling this will send IGMP packets only to the LAN ports that have subscribed to those groups.
When the option is disabled, the IGMP packets are sent to all devices on the LAN in the same way that broadcast packets are sent.

IGMP Fast Leave

This option is presented when IGMP Snooping is enabled, it allows the router to terminate an IGMP data stream when there are no longer any clients / LAN ports subscribed to that group, freeing up the bandwidth used by that stream for Internet usage.

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