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This setup guide demonstrates how to configure DrayTek VDSL2 modem and router products for use with the ISP TalkTalk home broadband and the "Fibre Broadband" package.

TalkTalk Business customers should refer to this guide:

DrayTek VDSL2 Setup with TalkTalk Business Fibre

Vigor VDSL2 Routers

These instructions will explain how to configure the DrayTek router to connect to the ISP and establish an Internet connection.

The configuration in this guide requires connecting the VDSL2 line to the DrayTek router's WAN1 DSL port and the DSL LED should be continually lit on the router to indicate that it has sync with the line.

1. Access the DrayTek router's web interface via your web browser, which will be accessible on by default. Enter the username of "admin" and the default password of "admin".

2. Browse to [WAN] > [General Setup], click [WAN1] and set the VLAN Tag insertion (VDSL2) setting to Enable. Set the Tag Value to 101.
The DSL mode can be set to "VDSL2 only" to speed up sync times but this is not required.
Click OK on that page to apply the changes.

2860 VDSL image 1

3. Go to [WAN] > [Internet Access], set the WAN1 mode to MPoA / Static or Dynamic IP and click the Details Page button to proceed:

2860 VDSL image 2

4. Select the Enable radio button at the top of the page to ensure that the MPoA interface is enabled. Under the WAN IP Network Settings, select Obtain an IP address automatically.

Click OK on this page to apply the changes and the router will then prompt to restart. Click OK to restart the router.

2860 VDSL image 3

5. Once the router has restarted, the [Online Status] > [Physical Connection] page will display the VDSL information and connection status.

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From: Richard Wetenhall

I'm having a hard time getting my FTTC Talk Talk connection to link up with the Vigor 130 and my Ubiquiti USG router.

I have had this all running just fine for a long time - no problems in at least a year. But 10 days or so ago, it went off and I've not been able to get it back.

I reported the issue to Talk Talk and I ran their usual line fault tests using their router. That's all come back fine and I can get service via the TT router now. But the configuration I used to have on the Vigor 130 and the USG don't want to work.

On the Vigor, I have set things up so I'm using the standard settings above. VLAN is set to 101 in the modem; MPoA enabled with Channel 2; 1483 Bridged IP LLC, VPI 0, VCI 101, Modulation Multimode, and MTU 1492 (also tried 1500 but no help). Bridge mode on.

The Status reports SHOWTIME with the correct uplink and downlink speeds.

However I am having no joy getting a connection into my USG. I am trying to use DHCPv4 to establish the connection (which worked before) but to no avail. I have not set the VLAN on in the router (I understand if it's set in the modem, it's not needed in the router).

The USG is unable to receive an IP address from the modem, and reports as The connection shows up as a light green in the USG software which must indicate it's not connected properly.

I've tried various things to connect - attempted using PPPoA/PPPoE but that resulted in no connection being established before. I also tried enabling PPPoA/PPPoE in the modem but equally no joy there.

Any suggestions what I might have wrong here?

From: Dave C

Worked perfectly first time!!!!!

From: EG

For a Vigor 130 and a Vigor router [ MPoA / Static or Dynamic IP ] needs to be enabled on BOTH and [ Obtain an IP address automatically ] selected on the router.

From: Shaun S

Great instructions worked first time.
Draytek 130 bridged to Ubiquiti USG

From: Christopher Smith

Brilliant setup thank you

From: Paul

Took less than 2 minutes to get working brilliant !!

From: mike L

works well with VIGOR 2760N

From: RW

And this is the reason i buy draytek. Talk talk support abhorent :-(. Draytek support Amazing :-)

From: Alex

Had been trying PPPoA/PPPoE connexion from ages would have not work, was getting PPP shutdown error. This worked like a charm first time... time to set up and secure the router now :)

From: BR

Worked first time.

From: Chris Hill

Works like a dream thankyou