VI. Feature Setup


Local Administrator Role & Permission Setup Guide

Vigor 167

DrayTek routers such as the Vigor 167 in router mode (firmware version 5.2 or later) support Role & Permission feature. This allows an administrator to add more users that can have specific permissions. For example, the main Administrator account can read and write every setting of the router. The Guest account (also created by default) can 'Read-only'.

This guide demonstrates how to add a new user account on a DrayTek router, and how to apply permission to selected configuration pages.

Note: It is expected that you have access to the router as administrator. The default credentials are admin / admin

1. Create a New Account Type (Role) and Apply Permissions

Navigate to [System Maintenance] > [Account & Permission], then open the [Role & Permission] tab.

kb role and permission 01

You can add a new profile by clicking on the +Add button. Then click on the 'Role_1' to change the name of the new role. Here, we set it to 'Technician'.

kb role and permission 02

Before saving the new role, select permission mode for each section of the GUI menu. It is possible to set the whole branch or individual pages/features to Deny, Read-only, or Read-write.
Hit Apply to save the new role.

Note: Default Roles (Administrator and Guest) can't have their permissions changed.

2. Add a New Admin Account

Now that we have a new Role defined, it can be applied to existing and new admin accounts. Navigate to [System Maintenance] > [Account & Permission], then open the [Local Admin Account] tab.

You can add a new admin account by clicking on the +Add button or Edit an existing profile.

kb role and permission 03

A new configuration section should appear where the account name, new password, and the role can be specified, including the Technician set of permissions configured earlier.

kb role and permission 04

Optional: Enabling the 'Allow Login from WAN' will allow you to use this account to log in to the router from the Internet. Just make sure that the remote management is also enabled on the [System Maintenance] > [Management] page.

Now try accessing the router via LAN in a web browser using the new credentials. DrayTek modems use IP address by default, and your WAN (Internet) IP address is usually unique.