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Sourcing a USB Thermometer for Vigor Routers

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Many Vigor routers support a USB thermometer function on their USB port (check for specific model support).  This enables you to keep an eye on the temperature within your network cabinet or generally in any other location.

Until 2021, we were supplying an OEM USB thermometer (Part Code: USBTHER1) as an accessory through our dealers but over time more suppliers came online selling compatible products, but at a lower cost (shorter distribution chain, QC, support overheads etc.). 

The router's firmware can work with both USB temperature sensors and temperature + humidity sensors. However it is not possible to determine whether any particular model is compatible from how it looks, or even the supplier. They typically use off-the-shelf  cases into which a supplier can insert any components and some suppliers will vary internal components over time.   Therefore, it's not viable for us to maintain a list of 'tested' devices because the hardware and model numbers are too inconsistent.

We've found that most USB thermometers which fit into that size case seem to be compatible and based on the same chipset.   So, we can give pointers of where to source compatible devices but whether the specific model you order is compatible with your DrayTek router is at your own risk.  Ideally purchase from a supplier who accepts returns.  If you find a reliable product, you can post a comment here (note : DrayTek is not responsible for any 3rd party links and cannot assure you that any users' links will be fruitful).

So, here are some 'leads' - we cannot confirm if these specific models are compatible:


They are widely available through most other online buying platforms.

Important Notice 1 - Temperature Calibration:
As a relatively low cost non-scientifically calibrated device, accuracy isn't perfect and no two devices will give exactly the same results unless calibrated to match.

Important Notice 2 - Temperature Sensor Placement:
Our USBTHER1 came with a USB cable so that the thermometer wasn't too close to the router. Other products may not have that cable, but you can buy them separately.
This is because the router generates some heat in operation. When the USB Thermometer is connected directly to the router's USB ports, the temperature reading will represent the router's PCB temperature, instead of the ambient temperature.
To measure ambient temperature, either use a USB temperature sensor that places the sensor on a cable, away from the USB port. Or, using the 'Temper Gold' style USB temp sensor, purchase a USB extension cable to place the sensor away from the router's USB ports and metal parts that could distort temperature readings.