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DrayTek Vigor routers with USB ports can attach a supported 4G, 3G or LTE modem and use that modem for Internet access, as the WAN3 or WAN4 interface.

This guide details how to check that your modem is being detected by the router and configure the router to use the modem for Internet access.

  • A Vigor Router supporting USB Dongles
  • A compatible USB 3G / 4G Dongle (please see our supported dongle list here
  • The SIM card supplied by your mobile company
  • A suitable contract with your mobile phone company

Test your 3G /4G Modem First!

We recommend that you firstly connect your USB dongle to a PC and test it thoroughly using the instructions provided by the supplier. This is to ensure that it works correctly, and that you have coverage in your area. If all is well, you can then setup the router for use with your 3G/4G device. Don't forget to install the SIM card into the dongle. Disconnect the adapter from the PC when installing or removing a SIM card.

APN List

Network Compatibility

The compatibility list below is for known UK mobile providers:

PPP Settings for:APNUsernamePassword
Allpay gprsconnect.com    
Airtel-Vodafone Channel Islands airtel-ci-gprs.com    
ASDA Mobile UK - EE MVNO everywhere eesecure secure
ASDA Mobile UK - Vodafone MVNO asdamobiles.co.uk web web
BT Mobile UK btmobile.bt.com bt bt
Delight Mobile UK internet    
EE everywhere    
FreedomPop 3internet    
giffgaff UK giffgaff.com giffgaff  
globalgig UK SIM mbb.voiamo.net    
iD Mobile id    
JT (Jersey Telecom) pepper    
Lebara UK uk.lebara.mobi wap wap
Life Mobile tslpaygnet    
Lyca Mobile UK data.lycamobile.co.uk lmuk plus
Manx Telecom - Isle of Man 3gpronto    
MobiData mbb.voiamo.net    
o2 UK - Contract SIM mobile.o2.co.uk web web
o2 UK - PAYG dongle SIM m-bb.o2.co.uk web web
Orange UK - Older SIMs orangeinternet    
Orange UK everywhere eesecure secure
Post Office Mobile everywhere eesecure secure
Shebang mob.shebang.net    
Sure Mobile internet    
T-mobile UK - Older SIMs general.t-mobile.uk    
T-mobile UK everywhere eesecure secure
Talkmobile UK - Contract SIM mobile.talkmobile.co.uk wap or wap or
Talkmobile - PAYG SIM payg.talkmobile.co.uk wap or wap or
TalkTalk mobile.talktalk.co.uk wap wap
Tesco Mobile UK prepay.tesco-mobile.com tescowap password
The People's Operator - Contract SIM tslpaymnet    
The People's Operator - Prepay SIM tslpaygnet    
Three UK 3internet    
Vectone UK webuk.mundio.com    
Virgin UK goto.virginmobile.co.uk user  
Vodafone UK - Contract SIM internet web web
Vodafone UK - 2GB PAYG dongle SIM ppbundle.internet web web
Vodafone UK - 2GB PAYG MiFi SIM ppbundle.internet *or* pp.internet web web
Vodafone UK - 1GB PAYG dongle SIM pp.internet web web
Vodafone UK - 250MB PAYG dongle SIM smart web web
Vodafone UK - 1GB no expiry PAYG dongle SIM pp.bundle *or* pp.internet web web
Vodafone UK - PAYG iPad SIM smart web web
Vodafone UK - 250MB PAYG tablet SIM smart web web
Vodafone UK - PAYG SIM - 2015
pp.vodafone.co.uk web web
White Mobile tslpaygnet    

DrayTek are not responsible and have no control over local network/provider operations, nor make any claim over specific network compatibility. Please assure yourself that the router will be compatible with your chosen cellular network and provider and that you have adequate signal coverage before committing to any contract term. Please also ensure that your chosen provider and the tariff allows access to all of your required applications (e.g. VPN, VoIP, Messaging etc.) as many packages exist, some blocking certain data types.