VII. Router Diagnostics


LED Panel Control Explained - Vigor Routers

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The LEDs (lights) on the DrayTek Vigor routers can give a very quick indication of the current state of the router. This article depicts what each LED means and what actions from the users are needed. There are two sections: Business Routers and SOHO Routers.

DrayTek Business Routers

The DrayTek Business Routers are characterized by the front LED panel that groups 9 LEDs together. The routers that are part of this group include the Vigor 2865, 2866, Vigor 2927 series. Below, there is Vigor 2865ax in normal operational mode (its ACT light is blinking).

kb vigor led 01 2865dashboard

Here is the list of all the LEDs available on different business routers. Your router may or may not have some of them (e.g. non-wireless routers won't have 2.4G/5G LEDs but may have USB1 and USB2 instead).

LED Status Description Action Required
ACT Blinking Powered on and in normal operational mode NA
Off The router is powered off check the PSU/power switch
WAN2 On Internet connection is ready NA
Off Internet connection is not ready check the Ethernet cable
Blinking The data is transmitting NA
QoS On The QoS function is active NA
Off The QoS function is inactive NA
USB On The USB device is connected and ready to use NA
Off No USB device is connected plug in the compatible USB device
Blinking The data is transmitting NA
DSL On DSL link has synchronized NA
Blinking Slowly: detecting DSL line NA
Quickly: the DSL connection is establishing NA
LTE On The LTE device is connected and ready to use NA
Off No LTE device detected no SIM card detected, SIM PIN error, SIM deactivated etc.
Blinking Slowly: LTE device in dialling up mode NA
Quickly: The data is transmitting NA
WCF On The Web Content Filtering is active NA
Off WCF is disabled enable from [Firewall] > [General Setup]
2.4G / 5G

On 2.4G/5G: Wireless access point with bandwidth of
2.4GHz/5GHz is ready
WLAN: Wireless access point is ready
Off Wireless function is disabled press the Wi-Fi button to enable
Blinking It will blink slowly while wireless traffic goes through.
ACT and WLAN LEDs blink quickly and simultaneously
when WPS is working, and will return to normal
condition after two minutes. (You need to set up WPS
within 2 minutes.)
DMZ On The DMZ function is enabled NA
Off The DMZ function is disabled NA
Blinking The data is transmitting NA