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Vigor Router – Link Aggregation (LAG) Setup Guide

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link aggregation

Some of the DrayTek routers such as the Vigor 2865/2866, 2927 and 2962 series running 4.4.0 or newer firmware support LAN port aggregation.

Link Aggregation (LAG) allows you to combine two physical interfaces into one logical link which can deliver higher bandwidth and benefits from resilience by using two ethernet connections. This article will demonstrate how to setup link aggregation in static mode using a Vigor2927 and P2280x.

Before you start, make sure that only one cable is used between your switch and router. The second cable will only be connected once LAG configuration is completed.

Vigor Router Setup

Navigate to [LAN] > [Link Aggregation], select Enable and click OK

Note: Vigor 2927 routers can only support link aggregation in static mode on P2 & P3 ports. Different models may use different interfaces for LAG feature. LACP is not supported.

kb vigorswitch dhcp server 00

VigorSwitch Setup

1. Navigate to [Switch LAN] > [Link Aggregation] > [LAG Settings], select IP/Mac Address and click Apply

 kb vigorswitch dhcp server 003

2. Go to [Switch LAN] > [Link Aggregation] > [LAG Management], select a LAG port and click the edit button

  1. Populate the Name field
  2. Set Type to Static
  3. Specify ports on switch that will be connected to the router

kb vigor router lag 02

3. (optional) Go to [Switch LAN] > [VLAN Management] > [Interface Settings], assign correct VLAN interface settings for the LAG port

kb vigorswitch mac vlan 01

With the setup enabled, we can now connect the second network cable to link your router and the switch.

The Link Status can be monitored from the router or switch.

On the router, browse to [LAN] > [Link Aggregation] and check the Link status column. Green indicates that the status is OK.

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