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Finding your router serial number

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Serial Number

Finding your router serial number

Every DrayTek product has a unique serial number. This is separate to your product code, MAC address, Wireless security key and manufacturing code which may also be printed on your product. You may require your serial number when you register your product warranty, activate optional features or require warranty or support services. The serial number is printed on the product. You should not publish your serial number on the internet; it is unique to your product and should only be used for liaison with DrayTek, your supplier or your own inventory tracking/logging.  Always read the serial number from the physical product itself, not any packaging or other documentation.

You can check if your product is eligible for local UK/Ireland warranty and service on this link (subject to the terms of warranty - expiry depends on your date of your original purchase). For units outside the UK or purchased from elsewhere, please contact your supplier or DrayTek HQ support.

There may be other numbers printed on your product; those are not your serial number. The serial number is always labelled "S/N" or "Serial No." as shown in the photos below.  Serial numbers are all hexadecimal (containing numbers 0-9 and letters A-F only), so anything that looks like a '0' is always a zero.  

The photos below should assist you in identifying the serial number, circled in red:

v2830 Serial
v2960 Serial
v2110 Serial
ap700 Serial
ap800 Serial
v2760 Serial

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