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Button Control - VigorAP Wireless Access Points

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DrayTek VigorAP access points have a feature that allows administrators to disable factory reset and wireless buttons. This can be useful on sites to prevent customers from accidentally pressing the Wi-Fi button that can disable wireless functionality on the access point.

This feature is available in the VigorAP 900, VigorAP 902, VigorAP 903 and VigorAP 906 running latest firmware.

Disabling the VigorAP Access Point Buttons

Navigate to [System Maintenance] > [Management].

  • Under the Access Control section, select the 'Disable Reset Button' option
  • Under the Panel Control section, select the 'Disable WLAN Button' option

kb vigor led 00

Note 1. Enabling or disabling wireless still can be applied from the WUI of the access point [Wireless LAN] > [General Setup].

Note 2. Factory reset option can be selected from the [System Maintenance] > [Reboot System] page ('Using factory default configuration').

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