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VigorConnect - Add VigorAP to VigorConnect

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VigorConnect is the LAN/VPN AP management software which is based on the TR-069 protocol. To manage and monitor the AP's status, we need to add the AP into VigorConnect first. VigorConnect supports the auto-discovery feature that can automatically configure necessary TR-069 settings.
This document demonstrates how to add the VigorAP to your VigorConnect.

Launch the VigorConnect service. Then open the browser and type https://IP:port to login to the VigorConnect.
By default VigorConnect uses the following configuration:

  • HTTP port: 9292
  • HTTPS port: 4433
  • Login Username: root
  • Login Password: admin123

Add VigorAP with Wireless Wizard

1. Press Yes button to use Wireless wizard which helps to discover the VigorAP and configure the basic SSID/password settings for the first time.

VigorConnect will initially display a wizard to scan for DrayTek devices on the network

2. VigorConnect will list discovered VigorAPs. 
Select the access point and change the password if your VigorAP does not use default credentials. Then press Next.

Specify the Username and Password for discovered VigorAPs

3. Configure the Wireless Name and Wireless Password. The More Option allows setting up the Guest Wireless and control wireless usage.
Then press Next button.

Configuring a wireless profile in the Wireless Wizard

4. The summary page will display new settings. Press Next to apply them to the previously selected VigorAPs. 
Your VigorAP will join the Root Network and should be ready for the management and monitoring.

Finalising settings in the Wireless Wizard

Add Your VigorAP into a Different Network Group

1. Go to Network Management and click Add new network to create a new network group.

Adding a new Network in VigorConnect

2. Select your new network, e.g. 'Draytek' from the Root Network tree.

Selecting a Network

3. Press the Discover button and select the VigorAP. Change the password if your VigorAP does not use default credentials.

Discovering new devices in VigorConnect

4. Your VigorAP will join the new network group and should be ready for the management and monitoring.

Viewing a VigorAP in VigorConnect

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