Security Advisory: Apache Log4J Vulnerability


Related CVE References: 2021-44228

Priority: Critical

DrayTek Product Affected: None

Action Required: None

In December 2021, a very serious vulnerability was discovered in an Apache library called Log4J.  This library is widely used in servers and notably many CPE (routers) which are Linux based and you may have read about it as being a 'router vulnerability - that is why we are issuing this advisory even though none of our products are affected or vulnerable - to put your mind at rest but also, due to the severity of the vulnerability, to warn you to check other products - Log4J is widely used by hardware and software/server products.

DrayTek routers mostly use DrayOS (our proprietary closed OS) or a hybrid OS and none of our models include the affected library.   

None of our software products use Log4J core or have it running so are not vulnerable to the exploits. 

Any updates or changes in the situation will be posted here.

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