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DrayTek products receive continuous praise and good reviews in the media, including printed magazines, national newspapers and online sources. In group tests, DrayTek products repeatedly are singled out for their ease of use and comprehensive feature sets. Below are just a selection of awards received in the UK; there are many more awards from bodies and publications around the world.

Vigor AP-901C - PC Pro Recommended

"A speedy and affordable dual-radio AP that works seamlessly with a wide range of DrayTek routers"
PC PRO, October 2016.

Vigor 2860Ln - PC Pro A-List - Top SMB router

August 2016.

IT Pro – "5 star, recommended" – V2860Ln

The Vigor 2860Ln 
isn’t the cheapest SMB router around, but you’ll be hard-pushed to find this many security features elsewhere. Its VPN support is top-notch and DrayTek’s PC Pro Excellence Award in 2015 seals the deal for a well- deserved Recommended award.
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DrayTek win PC Pro Excellence Awards 2015

DrayTek have once again been awarded the PC Pro Excellence award. At a ceremony in London on October 14th, PC Pro's editor, Tim Danton presented the trophy to DrayTek as winner of the 2015 "Best Wireless Router Brand".
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DrayTek Vigor 2860n "Business Best" in Computer Shopper Magazine

"The Vigor2860n is amoung the most versatile business routers we've ever reviewed. Its web interface is packed with options. DrayTek's online [firewall] documentation is thorough and there are helpful examples within the web interface. The Vigor2860n is an excellent business router [and] ideal if your business depends on WiFi Access. This router brings versatility to your business." ****
Computer Shopper, November 2015.

DrayTek Win PC Pro Excellence Awards 2014

DrayTek have once again been awarded the PC Pro Excellence award for 2014. At a dinner and ceremony in London on 16th October, PC Pro's editorial team presented the trophy to DrayTek as winner of the "Best Wireless Router Brand
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Computer Shopper Best Business Logo

DrayTek Vigor 2850n "Business Best" in Computer Shopper Magazine

The UK's Computer Shopper magazine has awarded DrayTek's Vigor 2850 VDSL/ADSL router 5 starts out of 5. Their in-depth review covered all main features of the product and they praised its versatility and its high quality. "[With Draytek's own N65 USB Wifi adaptor], we saw even more exceptional wireless speeds and when using the 5Ghz band, we saw phenomenal rates of up to 119.8Mb/s. The Vigor 2850n is an extremely fast, versatile VDSL2 router that's perfect for office environments.
Computer Shopper, July 2012.

Web User Magazine Logo

DrayTek Vigor 2850n Highly Praised by Web-User Magazine

Web-User magazine has given all-round praise in its review of the new Vigor2850 series ADSL/VDSL router. It acknowledged its huge number of connectivity options (ADSL, VDSL, 3G, cable-modem etc.) as well as support for IPv6 and IPv4 simultaneously. It scored a full 5 stars for both features and performance. "Any upgrader wants to be sure that their router will be compatible if they switch ISP or from cable-modem to VDSL or fibre; all of this has been taken into account by DrayTek with the Vigor 2850n.....If you want to pay now for a product which will keep you connected to the Internet for a few years to come, the Vigor2850n is the best option we've seen." Web User, April 2012.

DrayTek PC Pro Award 2011

DrayTek Winner again at the PC Pro Awards 2011

At the PC Pro annual awards on September 29th 2011 at Shakespear's Globe in London, DrayTek were again the winner of the Wireless Router award, for the 4th time. These annual awards (now renamed the 'PC Pro Excellence Awards') are voted for by the readers of PC Pro - real world users, who have purchased and used products so it's always especially important to us that we win awards like these. Users rate the products on various criteria such as value, reliability and features and PC Pro concluded "No-one could match DrayTek for reliability and range."

Alphr DrayTek Vigor 2830n review

"The DrayTek Vigor 2830n has the air of a wireless router that means business... The sheer number of features underlines what a superb device this is.....If  you  need  reliable  and  fast wireless access coupled with excellent security features in your school, then we can’t recommend it highly  enough....  Great price, great performance and superb security features. Highly recommended "
Full Review

PC Pro Recommended
PC Pro Awarded 6 Stars - Full marks

DrayTek Vigor 2830n recommened by PC Pro

The Vigor 2830n received the maximum 6 stars in PC Pro's review. "The DrayTek Vigor 2830n has the air of a wireless router that means business...Once you begin using it, you realise this air of professionalism isn’t just limited to the Vigor’s appearance. In fact, the sheer number of features underlines what a superb device this is. In use, the Vigor had no trouble with high numbers of concurrent users (up to 32 are supported), allowing all to have trouble-free internet browsing. In most of our tests it achieved speeds of around 60Mbits/sec, and this was coupled with an excellent range which saw very little speed drop off around the whole school....The Vigor 2830n isn’t cheap, but if you need reliable and fast wireless access coupled with excellent security features, then we can’t recommend it highly enough. " PC Pro August 2011.

DrayTek wins PC Advisor Award, February 2011

DrayTek wins PC Advisor 'Best Wireless Router' Award

DrayTek's Vigor 2710Vn has been awarded PC Advisor's 2011 award for 'Best Wireless Router'. "This highly configurable business-grade 802.11n modem-router earned our Best Buy award in early 2010 and continues to impress. Designed to stand upright so its trio of antennae can reach skywards, the Vigor 7120n can take two phone inputs, four ethernet ports and an ADSL line. Two VoIP ports are included, along with an object-based firewall." PC Advisor, February 2011

DrayTek PC Pro Award 2010

DrayTek Commended at the PC Pro Awards 2010

At the PC Pro Annual awards on October 4th, DrayTek were Highly Commended for their range of wireless routers. This is the fourth year running that DrayTek have been acknowledged. In the user ratings, DrayTek scored full marks for both speed/range and reliability and DrayTek's overall user rating was also a full '6 stars'. We are delighted that PC Pro readers have once again provided us with such good ratings and hope that we can continue to impress in future.

PC PRO Labs 100

Vigor 2110n/2710n Tops PC Pro Labs Test and enters A-List

May 2010 PC Pro A-List

"For the past few years, DrayTek has topped the tables in our Reliability & Service awards and in 2009 readers gave DrayTek 6 out of 6 for reliability, speed and range...our speed and range tests confirmed the opinions of our readers. At long range, the Vigor performed solidly too... the feature set is unimpeachable. It's a very good product and, based on the opinions of thousands of PC Pro readers, should be reliable too. The Vigor2110n is absolutely crammed with useful features where it counts and performance is rock solid at close range and at a distance. Even ADSL users are catered for - just buy the Vigor 2710 instead." PC Pro, May 2010

Vigor 2110n PC Pro Award - Recommended

Vigor 2110n Recommended by PC Pro

"At close range (two metres away, with file server connected to the router via Ethernet), we recorded an average speed from router to laptop of 86Mbits/sec, and 57Mbits/sec from laptop to router. In our long range tests, the Vigor performed solidly too. The test laptop was placed 40m away from the router this time, with a wood wall and double glazed window in the way, and we achieved a transmit rate in our tests of 48Mbits/sec and 56Mbits/sec in reverse. The speeds in both locations were solid enough to maintain dropout-free Full HD video, and the Vigor sailed through our soak test. It maintained a glitch-free VoIP call, smooth iPlayer playback and internet radio playback, while we carried out simultaneous file transfers over SSL VPN, FTP and SMB. It's a very good product and one that, based on the experiences of thousands of PC Pro readers, should be reliable too. Recommended." PC Pro, April 2010

PC Advisor January 2010

Vigor 2710Vn Awarded PC Advisor 'Gold'

" ...In use, the DrayTek Vigor 2710Vn worked splendidly. Wireless range was excellent...The DrayTek Vigor 2710Vn is a cracking wireless modem/router, with stable operation and enough facilities to keep SOHO users satisfied, while prosumers will enjoy the degree of low-level configuration available....this is a good value home and business router than can also serve as a data and communications hub.... " PC Advisor, January 2010

PC Advisor Review - DrayTek Vigor 2820Vn

PC Advisor Review - Vigor 2820Vn

" You get a lot for your money...The Vigor2820Vn provides superb Wi-Fi connectivity, achieving a chart-topping 96Mbps in our near test and 35Mbps at long range....As well as rock-solid security credentials...the Vigor offers load-balancing, bandwidth management and multiple permanent virtual circuits (PVCs)....the Draytek Vigor 2820Vn is a superior, dependable and well-built business broadband router. The Draytek is an ideal device for the small or medium-sized business looking to lock down its services against unauthorised access, from both within and without. " PC Advisor, May 2009

DrayTek win the 2009 PC Pro Award - 3rd Year running !

DrayTek win 2007 PC Pro Award DrayTek win 2008 PC Pro Award DrayTek win 2009 PC Pro Award Awards Photo

October 1st 2009. At a gala dinner last night at London's Hurlingham Club, PC Pro announced their 2009 Reliability & Service awards. These prestigious awards are voted by the public on all categories of IT Hardware and Software, reflecting their real-world experience of the products and service from the world's leading vendors. For the 3rd year running, DrayTek was the winner of the Wireless Router award, presented by TV's Hugh Dennis. PC Pro Editor, Tim Danton said " Some award winners come and go, but DrayTek has been consistently at the top of the pile ever since we introduced the Wireless routers award. Its focus on businesses rather than consumers pays dividends in terms of satisfaction, with fewer than 1% of its customers expressing any dissatisfaction with its products speed and range, and similarly high figures for reliability and satisfaction. " In 2008, PC Pro said PC Pro said: " DrayTek wins this accolade for the second year in a row courtesy of excellent feedback from PC Pro readers in every area. It topped our charts for speed, range and reliability, with 96% of its customers happy to buy DrayTek again compared to an industry average of 83%. If you’re buying a router for business, it’s an obvious choice. ".

PCW Recommended

Vigor 2820Vn Recommended by Personal Computer World

" More than your average Internet router. The Vigor2820Vn offers a lot of really useful features of value to small business, which aren't found on most other Internet routers. We had no trouble getting our Vigor2820Vn to work the way we wanted. The hardware is well made and the Vigor2820Vn has a lot to interest the small-business buyer. Recommended." Personal Computer World, September 2008

Techworld Recommends Vigor 2820

Vigor 2820Vn Recommended by Techworld

"Amazing range of features in one box – dual WAN, 3G, dual VoIP, Gigabit Ethernet, Draft 802.11n, and oodles of security – the lot. It even has a rack-mounting kit......This is probably the most featured wireless router Techworld has ever tested and it sets a high standard for others to match. Its major selling point is that should the primary link go down, it can fall back to a second, an unusual feature in a box costing well under £200. The most likely setup for this would be the WAN or ADSL line going down and the 3G stepping in. There has been a trickle of other cheap routers that can do this, but none that manage it without compromising on other features and adding VoIP/PSTN integration to boot. Recommended." Techworld, July 2008

Trusted Reviews Vigor 2820n Award

Vigor 2820n Recommended by Trusted Reviews

"DrayTek's broadband routers have traditionally offered more for your money than most competing products and the latest Vigor2820n continues this tradition with a range of features that belies its modest price tag.....The Vigor2820n is offering a bumper bundle of features making it highly appealing to small businesses looking for a sophisticated broadband router. General security and wireless features are particularly good......The router is well built with all its ports arranged across the front panel so that they're easily accessible if the router is mounted in a standard 19in rack....Wireless features are a cut above the rest. Overall Score: 9 our of 10. Recommended." Trusted Reviews, May 2008

Vigor 2820 IT Reviews Recommended Award

Vigor 2820 Recommended by IT Reviews

"We tried the Vigor 2820 for several days and had no problems whatsoever. Performance was good and, if it's anywhere near as reliable as previous Vigor routers, the 2820 will be popular with small businesses and others looking for a little bit more than the average router has to offer. The 'Rolls Royce' of the Internet router world, the Draytek Vigor 2820 offers multiple ways of connecting to the Internet, integrated backup and load balancing facilities, together with extensive wired and wireless networking facilities. There are more security features than you can shake a stick at, a hardware VPN server comes as standard and VoIP is an optional add-on. It's not cheap but it's got it all." IT Reviews, August 2008

SC Magazine Europe 2008 Award - Highly Commended

DrayTek Highly Commended at the SC Magazine Awards 2008

The SC Magazine Awards were held in London in April 2008. Draytek were a finalist in the category for Best SME Security Solution for their VigorPro 5510 UTM Firewall. The VigorPro has won several awards already since its launch and been highly praised by the industry press. In the SC Magazine awards, DrayTek was Highly Commended and went home with yet another trophy for their shelf!

Vigor 2110n PC Pro Award - Recommended

"DrayTek offers a solid set of security features at a very tempting price - with low subscription charges too....simple to use....mere seconds to set up for routing. During lives testing, [ Anti-Spam ] performed well. [ the Vigor Pro ] offers an extensive range of security measures. Recommended." PC Pro, January 2008

"Underneath the Vigor2800VG's uninspiring blue body lurks a feature-rich piece of VoIP hardware.... It's a brilliant, extremely flexible wireless VoIP router.....Call quality is good, thanks to the router setting aside bandwidth when you're using the voice facility. "
Awarded 'Top Gear' award and 'Winner!' of VoIP router group test.
PC Format, July 2006

"Of the different manufacturers tested, we were able to get both the Vigor2600VG and Vigor2500V routers up and running and making VoIP calls in a matter of minutes, both to other SIP users and out to the public phone network. Call quality in both instances was excellent using the default codecs. Both Vigor routers have features to recommend them and with good support from manufacturer and distributor, they're well worth looking at. "
Personal Computer World, March 2005

"Setup of the Vigor2600VG is incredibly easy: you just plug the ADSL phone line into the Vigor, open its Web configuration page and tell it to autodetect your ADSL settings. Once it's done that, just enter the username and password given by your ISP, and you're off. Ease of use was a recurring theme with this product; The Vigor's simple Web-style controls make it easy to set up a VPN, and we were soon browsing our network from a location 10 miles away. The Vigor is also fast. It completed our long-range (wireless) file transfer test in just 59 seconds: one of the best times we've seen."
Computer Buyer, May 2005 ******

Vigor 2110n PC Pro Award - Recommended

"As with all DrayTek's Vigors, the Vigor2500V offers a wealth of features and the VoIP telephony works particularly well. At the price, it won't be long before you start saving money on phone calls either. Other SIP users will have noticed that call quality can be destroyed by by using the same broadband connection for heavy data use - particularly upstream. The Vigor2500V's QoS Assurance gets around this by dedicating bandwidth to the telephony when it's in operation so you always get decent quality."

PC Pro, March 2005

"The Vigor2500V comes with a bundled subscription DrayTel - making for very quick deployment and the ability to make calls to the PSTN as well as other SIP users. Call quality was excellent using the default codec and a built-in phone directory further simplifies call making. Plus, on the data side, you get a decent firewall, content filtering and VPN pass-through. The router can also be set to periodically check for incoming e-mail messages, an LED at the front lighting up when there's mail waiting. None of the routers tested were that difficult to get working but the Vigor2500V was the easiest of the lot and is a good choice for the VoIP newbie. We preferred the Vigor 2500V as, although slightly more expensive to buy, it has a built-in Ethernet switch and a much nicer management interface. Plus you get support for things like Dynamic DNS services and UPnP which other routers lack. The Vigor2500V is our choice for the home user."

IT Reviews, February 2005


PC Pro magazine (February 2002) awarded the Vigor2200USB an overall score of 6 out of 6 and gave it their Recommended award. They said: The Vigor2200USB is a groundbreaking product....It took a matter of minutes to get the Vigor2200USB up and running yet this simplicity hides a more extensive feature set. VERDICT : A broad range of features and very easy to set up, but most importantly, the Vigor2200USB wins praise as the first router to support BT's USB ADSL modem directly.

( PC Pro awarded 6 out of 6 ! )


PC Pro magazine (January 2001) awarded the Vigor2000 router an overall score of 6 out of 6 and gave the Vigor2000 their Recommended award. They said: VERDICT : A combined ISDN router and Ethernet hub, with a superb level of features for the price, making it a top choice for small offices looking for an all-in-one communications solution.

( PC Pro awarded 6 out of 6 ! )

"The performance of the Vigor2600 in general is good in both latency and bandwidth terms...The Vigor 2600We is an excellent router full of features....Having used it for a few weeks, I have no doubt over its excellent reliability. It is also good value for money. On top of all this, it even looks great. "

Extract from ADSLGuide, December 2002.

""Installation [ of the Vigor2200USB ] is a breeze.....Our tests proved the unit worked very smoothly. On a LAN of 2 PCs it performed pretty much flawlessly, providing simultaneous downloads of 30Kbps. Gamers will also be pleased to hear that Quake III and Dark Age of Camelot ran as slickly as they did when using the whole 512K ADSL line, even being split across two machines; in fact it improved our "ping" times considerably. The configurable firewall (featuring IP packet based filtering and IP anti-spoofing) of the Vigor 2200 didn't interfere with gaming packets.....This is one slick solution for sharing your USB ADSL connection over a small LAN. It's easy to set up and provides impressive results for home users, gamers and small office users - we didn't encounter a single problem. The Vigor is one of those rare products that manages to blend user friendliness with a high level of functionality. " "

Extract from IT Reviews, April 2003