DrayTek wins Best Router Manufacturer 2023 at PC Pro Technology Excellence Awards


DrayTek Epic:LAN

London, UK, November 09 2023 – This month, the winners for this year’s PC Pro awards were announced. The one and the same PC Pro who is responsible for the UK’s biggest selling IT monthly magazine, known for enriching their knowledgeable and experienced reader base.

The PC Pro awards are primarily fuelled by this expert reader base. Readers and those who have had firsthand experience with the products, complete a survey judging reliability, support and whether they would buy again.

Taking that into account, DrayTek are extremely honoured to win yet another PC Pro award!

"On behalf of everyone at DrayTek, I'd like to thank our customers and PC Pro readers for this prestigious endorsement of Best Router Manufacturer 2023.” Alex Shuker, Head of technical service and product at DrayTek, humbly added “Thank you for everyone who voted for us, it helps reaffirm our focus of designing and supporting reliable and high performing network products."

DrayTek have a proud range of routers that aim to provide quality and efficiency. Not only is this proved by their continuous user feedback, which is reflected in their collection of PC Pro awards, that has now reached a whopping total of 14 awards! But is also clearly demonstrated by each product’s breadth of well thought out features that best suits their customers.

The Vigor 2865ax router is a notable example of this, ideal for home offices, small businesses, and satellite offices. Its extensive list of favourable features include:

  • A robust SMB VPN Router boasting up to 32 active VPN tunnels, perfect for remote workers who value security
  • 5+1 Gigabit LAN Ports with VLANs, making it easy to connect additional devices to the network and if necessary, easily partition devices for security purposes
  • Wi-fi 6 wireless, maximising wireless performance all users, and capable of serving many wireless clients

Details of the many features are available to explore on the Vigor 2865ax page.

One of which, that is also worth noting, is that this capable and flexible product is one of many DrayTek routers, switches and access points that can be centrally managed by their own central management programme, VigorACS.

The Vigor 2865ax is specifically designed for Central management, targeted for the benefit of anyone who is managing a larger estate of devices, but equally, is a great scalable solution for any pro-user, interested in saving time and money, who wants to take control of the monitoring of all their devices, with ease.

For any further interest in Central Management with DrayTek you can investigate here.

About DrayTek:

DrayTek is a leading global provider of network infrastructure solutions, offering a comprehensive range of routers, switches, wireless access points, and network security appliances. With over 25 years of industry experience, DrayTek delivers reliable and secure networking solutions tailored to the unique requirements of businesses and individuals worldwide.

For more information about DrayTek's networking solutions, please visit www.draytek.co.uk.

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Senior Marketing Manager, DrayTek UK &I
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