DrayTek launch VigorConnect

The sleek, free-to-use central platform to fully manage local network VigorAP Access Points.

DrayTek VigorConnect

London, September 10, 2019 - DrayTek UK, market-leading manufacturer of business networking solutions, complement this year's sophisticated collection of hardware releases with the latest in time-saving, free software - their new, single-site central management platform, VigorConnect. It is a quick to set-up, simple-to-use advanced on-site management system designed to provision, monitor and easily maintain a network of DrayTek VigorAP Access Points, giving users control and visualisation of their network.

The VigorConnect software supports up to 100 devices in a local network with a flexible dashboard accessible through a Windows machine. The software's multitude of features allow users to view the status and statistics of the devices in their network and set up email alerts for any issues with the hardware - ensuring wireless networks are always performing at their best. Devices can be centrally configured, rebooted, and scheduled for firmware installations, allowing updates to take place outside of operating hours to avoid breaks in business.

The Discovery element of the system can detect all devices in the LAN and allows the user to provision TR-069 settings with fluency and ease. Through the Wireless Wizard, users can assign security permissions to devices to ensure that the network is managed by only the correct network administrators in the business. Any issues or lost connections are recorded in the Alarms section of the platform within a full, unlimited log of when power failed, helping users to timely identify root causes and vulnerabilities in their network.

With the monitoring capabilities of VigorConnect, users can check the online/offline status of devices, alter SSIDs, and change and view channels. The software also includes a Floorplan feature which can provide a visual representation of the wireless network access across your site by uploading a floorplan of the workspace - this allows users to ensure that wireless access points are being utilised to their maximum to create complete connectivity throughout your business.

VigorConnect (V1.1.2) currently offers full management for VigorAP access points, with support for VigorSwitch network switches to be released and available in Version 1.2 later this year.

Current Compatible Models:

VigorAP 710, 802, 810, 902, 903, 910C, 920RPD.

VigorConnect V1.1.2 is available for download now - www.draytek.co.uk/support/downloads/vigorconnect

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