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VigorAP 802

Firmware Information
Current Version 1.4.8
Release Notes
Release Date 05/04/2023
Support Language English
Supported Models VigorAP 802

The actual file name of the firmware controls which upgrade type is performed.

If the file name is unchanged (eg is xxxx.all) then the upgrade will just upgrade the firmware, whereas renaming the firmware to a .rst extension will wipe all settings back to factory defaults when upgrading the firmware.

Model Search:
Files: 30
MD5 Checksum : 446495f0b5ecb0101f5be26433ba5c3f            SHA1 Checksum : 073a4368b22cd1578d981addaaaaee9140a6e010
MD5 Checksum : b28ad8c2b177b8e8a94804e6468e942c            SHA1 Checksum : a28059fe3d4d8654dfaf93074934d13d10d2e020
MD5 Checksum : c70d347f797018cc3c54f27675e9ddd7            SHA1 Checksum : 1e4be03ed3ca03b055abc6c160b49e3c64cd8b08
MD5 Checksum : a9366f16f747982d928de917c65b1b02            SHA1 Checksum : 88dc23457555b78e7a507b7c2fffa314ae54f5c9
MD5 Checksum : 3d4a603283a641a0d63cefa554a2fcc0            SHA1 Checksum : bfcd46ee548e177cad0328f8adb5056f9363f379

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