Vigor 2927 Series

Vigor 2927ac router
Firmware Information
Current Version 4.4.0
Release Notes
Release Date 06/06/2022
Support Language English
Supported Models

Vigor 2927
Vigor 2927ac
Vigor 2927ax
Vigor 2927Lac


This firmware alters the firewall behaviour.

The firewall is now able to block inbound requests to the routers management and services interfaces such as the Web UI and VPN Services. The firewall treats these as [WAN to LocalHost] for direction purposes.
Check the Release Notes for details.

If your [Firewall] > [General Setup] > Default Rule is set to Block, you must set it to Pass before upgrading the firmware.


The ‘ax’ models such as the Vigor 2927ax can use this and newer firmware. Since 4.4.0 version, installing 'ac' firmware on an 'ax' router will NOT disable the router's wireless LAN capability.


Firmware is normally supplied in two different styles: The ALL file will just upgrade the firmware, whereas the RST file will upgrade the firmware and wipe all settings back to factory defaults.

Model Search:
MD5 Checksum : df86ef3a2586e949db304c3892a8b328            SHA1 Checksum : e2673d837095bb970eadc35807c4304c6cd3a0c0
MD5 Checksum : f06c13abb624571ffd89b21cea355eb5            SHA1 Checksum : 425fe63b042a0037b2c1e9f1e0910cab0310c68f
MD5 Checksum : fa0882acdbf6aa2e865e6ec608d1e8fa            SHA1 Checksum : 5a0a55bb63be2fd9bfa93f723bc7ec050b0972df
MD5 Checksum : cd954ccfe52280498fb448a8b556e5c4            SHA1 Checksum : f72eac9691e7fbce354b063be80a72bd11640007
MD5 Checksum : 1a3efc8ea3905652a99d179c11bdb588            SHA1 Checksum : d5144d358ff6d87e59a99aaf572120cc2d73bada
MD5 Checksum : 4b31d6bf061c8923ceac0c9acd6d943c            SHA1 Checksum : 755b9fef075afc60cf24349ce5693bf19710257d

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