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VigorSwitch P2280x

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Release Date 24/04/2023
Support Language English

Firmware is normally supplied in two different styles: The ALL file will just upgrade the firmware, whereas the RST file will upgrade the firmware and wipe all settings back to factory defaults.

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MD5 Checksum : a3ce89164fbfd3d3c8f3c34a00b52f08            SHA1 Checksum : b513deaf7ce901127a9038a15e212267090b012b
MD5 Checksum : b0cc8c938981f13540a90b2e29597c35            SHA1 Checksum : 4d647f56e34d69e0f948b0842c49479c096a9dc5
MD5 Checksum : da9168c110b3d40cc2f2041e6b61c92d            SHA1 Checksum : 771081da3c854ed9bdb119fbf943b218446c9630
MD5 Checksum : 8f3d4bff6c1b44f92a59663b59a29bca            SHA1 Checksum : 18718d74d132eb21d51ac2c0eda67816789c034c
MD5 Checksum : 69d1bbff95e7558b4b73a43ad7a6495b            SHA1 Checksum : 325cfbe476f13f1fd7dcfc67ff004e64739bb233
MD5 Checksum : f648e6b1ba6c06ebf7b2882621fc80d2            SHA1 Checksum : 972fbe0e8d1d970e6be388b1808a9df499b8a9b1

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