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VigorSwitch P2100

VigorSwitch P2100
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Release Date 21/03/2023
Support Language English

Firmware is normally supplied in two different styles: The ALL file will just upgrade the firmware, whereas the RST file will upgrade the firmware and wipe all settings back to factory defaults.

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MD5 Checksum : 46c824437804db7ce3b7b1857d55edc5            SHA1 Checksum : 8820578618ce260105dba38af02cd156bd792178
MD5 Checksum : d22f281db86c7c631298afbba0adf302            SHA1 Checksum : ec994f4e9c3b2cdfad6607cb172a499d3450d2b3
MD5 Checksum : 4357b45435e7a59da14c5a308fa8f23a            SHA1 Checksum : fca0cae6975d8e8f0e649717d3ac9d54eadefe69
MD5 Checksum : 4723d1a3a3e0ab3e1910964e8a759325            SHA1 Checksum : f74b4620ac8f380ba925214e1a54238d598446c3
MD5 Checksum : 69d1bbff95e7558b4b73a43ad7a6495b            SHA1 Checksum : 325cfbe476f13f1fd7dcfc67ff004e64739bb233
MD5 Checksum : 271dd828b27fb2edb3cf0cc197efc6ba            SHA1 Checksum : 4fbc5a72e0f16b9fff63ea0d5ea844d2b466f861

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