Router Features Guides

Vigor Series

DrayTek's products are packed with features - we don't do "entry level". Some features listed for products are self-explanatory whereas others may be new to you if you've not come across them before. However, once you know about them you may find some great applications where you can make use of them to improve productivity, security or resilience of your network and WAN connectivity. If there's a particular feature you think deserves an explanation here, let us know!

  1. VigorACS 2 AP Management
  2. GDPR, PCI/DSS and DrayTek
  3. IGMP and Multicast
  4. WPA2 Enterprise on DrayTek Routers
  5. DrayTek DDNS Service
  6. Server Load Balancing
  7. Hotspot Web Portal
  8. Central VPN Management (CVM)
  9. 3G/4G LTE Solutions
  10. Policy-Based Routing
  11. Quality of Service
  12. Wired 802.1X - LAN Port Security
  13. User Management & Access Control
  14. Wireless Bridge, Repeater & WDS Operation
  15. Internet Connectivity via Wireless (WAN WiFi)
  16. What is an IP PBX?
  17. BT SIN 498 - MCT approval for VDSL2
  18. VLANs (Virtual LANs)
  19. IP PBX Hardware vs. Hosted/Virtual IP PBX (PBX as a Service)
  20. High Availability - Hardware Standby
  21. Wireless Optimisation
  22. DNS Filter - More powerful site blocking
  23. Voice-over-IP (VoIP) on DrayTek Routers
  24. Security & Router Best Practice
  25. Wireless LAN Management
  26. Are you ready for IPv6?
  27. PCI DSS - Credit Card Security with DrayTek
  28. Load Balancing
  29. VoIP Encryption
  30. VPN
  31. IP PBX theory
  32. Broadband Failover
  33. Web Content Filtering
  34. Mobile One-Time Passwords
  35. Central Management of Devices (ACS-SI)
  36. SSL VPNs

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